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Alles Leben ist Yoga...

Zu meiner Person


I was born in Lithuania, in 1977, on the seashore of the Baltic Sea, and got the name of the spruce-tree (Egle). My Indian name is Mohini.

My father introduced to me Yoga, when I was 15, and I started practicing it, because I was sure that the human capacities are not fully developed yet and we are capable of something more.

I was very atheistic all my life, but always interested in the question of the sense of life. I was not interested in anything else really, except the Life itself.

I went to study to Germany, to Berlin. I spent there 6 years. I like Berlin very much. I like something in Germany, what we could call the Soul of the Country. I studied philosophy there and during the studies I completely lost even that small sense of life that I had. There was nothing for me left what was worth living for; nothing had any meaning. Then, after 6 very difficult months, one night in an internet library I read the first sentence in a 2nd book of a trilogy of at this time completely unknown to me author, Satprem: ‘And the new life began.’ ("Wer ist Satprem?" ein Artikel) It was something I was so much looking for – a new life, another kind of life, but on Earth, here and now! It was like a key, which opened a completely new dimension I was not aware of before.

I started reading Sri Aurobindo. Everything has changed within a couple of days. I felt as if I was sleeping all my life before and now I awoke. Integral Yoga was and is the only thing in my life I really wanted to do and to put my energy in. But then I understood that it is not the thing one does, like a kind of work, it is the Life itself, the whole Life. Though I didn’t know it would be so difficult as I started it. So, I can not say ‘I am doing it’, because I am not capable of ‘doing it’. But already to be in touch with it gives so much. From then onwards everything started to make sense. But the motivation for doing something is completely different than before.

I dropped my studies and went to live in Auroville.

Here somehow I’ve got involved in the field of education. I could never imagine I would ever work at school, but here I have done it for 3.5 years. When I went to school I hated it and here I’ve got a chance to maybe do it differently. I hope one day we will not need schools at all, because children will have the same rights as the adults and be the equal members of the society, free to choose what they want to learn and to do. I am extremly inspired by the work of Rebeca & Mauritio Wild in the field of free-choise education.

I have also got involved in a very interesting work at the research centre for conscious evolution called “Laboratory of Evolution”.

I am happy when I learn and understand always more and ever more, and that there is always something we don’t know yet and something new to discover.

In Auroville I have met some wonderful people, one of who became my yoga teacher & best friend. Her name is Namah. Then in Auroville I have got my yoga teacher certificate.

Now I stay in Berlin again. I am not very happy about the life style here, but few great things have happened, which I appreciate a lot.

Back to Berlin I felt a great interest for alternative healing and with the help of one friend I could accomplish an education at Berliner Zentrum für Geistige Heilwesen”.

And finally after a long break I have felt an inspiration and support from my friends to give Yoga classes again...